Thursday, November 29, 2007

Project Management Monk(ie)

Position Opening:
Project Management Disciple/Intern
Applications accepted through December 22, 2007
Interviews of finalists to be done by video chat after Epiphany.

Update (12-23-07):
We have stopped receiving applications for this position. Thank you to all who have participated!

Position Description:
Perfect for an older high school student (homeschool, Catholic, or public) or university student, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain real world job experience by doing real work in this hands-on internship for a shoe-string Catholic Ministry startup. If the blending of ministry and business language seems odd, it is intentional. weCatholic is a start-up Catholic ministry based on the vision of Deacon Patrick Jones, to whom this position reports.

Responsibilities of this person are varied and flexable, but will include the coordination of hiring other interns and then coordinating a variety of business related projects that will include a blend of theology, marketing, product development, business strategy, and more.

Patrick has been working on the vision of weCatholic for over three years. Because Patrick is brain injured, he focuses on concepts but can not handle the details involved in implementing. To understand more about Patrick, please see Brain Injury Chaplain.

While nothing can be promised, there is a strong potential that the right person could become a paid employee, though currently no one receives salary (we weren't kidding about the start-up -- we are completely self funded at the moment.) As products are produced by weCatholic and begin to turn a profit and/or we receive investment donations, paid positions will be among our first priorities, and priority will be given to those who have provided sweat equity. Learn more about weCatholic.

Job requirements:
-- strong initiative, independent and self-sufficient drive with strong self-confidence
-- reliable and clear communicator (verbal and written)
-- Own computer (Mac strongly preferred), with video chat capability
-- Computer skills, to include word processing, emailing, and online
-- High moral standards
-- Able to laugh at themselves
-- Able to understand and interact with a vision
-- Able to do the detailed and concrete work necessary to implement that vision 
-- Able to manage and coordinate others
-- Minimum age of 16
-- Actively Catholic (this will be verified by a call to your parish priest or deacon)
-- homeschool, Catholic school or public school applicants will all be considered
-- able to understand disability limits and seek creative ways to work beyond them
-- Work from home

Interested applicants please provide (by 12-22-07:
-- Name and contact information, and name and contact information for your parents (if under 18)
-- Answer the following in written or video (DVD) form (No audio only submissions will be accepted as Patrick can't listen to audio only):
-- Who/where are you on the road to Emmaus? (Luke 24:13-35) Tell us about your journey that brought you to where you are now.

Email your submissions in PDF form to Deacon Patrick at Or, if sending a DVD, mail to:
Deacon Patrick Jones
PO Box 39
Green Mountain Falls, CO 80819

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