Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Announcing Eterni-Tee! is the newest venture of weCatholic's Partner Bazaar. It's a monthly limited edition Catholic t-shirt -- and you get to vote on which design wins each month!

Church groups can sell t-shirts and share the profit. Check it out! And pass word along to your parish youth leader -- they may be very interested.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Faith, Morals, and Big Government

What does our Catholic faith teach us about these current economic times and the type of government we voted into office as a nation?

Monday, February 9, 2009

New eBook: "Gift Oddly Wrapped"

"Gift Oddly Wrapped: The spiritual journey of seeking sacred, ironic gift rather than dwelling on the pain."

$3, and it's available for your iPhone, Kindle, computer, and other e-book enabled devices, including some cell phones. Also available as a PDF, so it's perfect for everyone!

See below for a video excerpt reading from the book. The book makes a great Lenten reflection!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Experience Mass in a Whole New Way

(cover © Patrick A. Jones, 2008)
Coming this Lent, 2009, an illustrated children's story missal that will help your kids enter Mass, and reveal it to you in a whole new way! One previewer (a children's catechist) said:
"I'll never experience Mass the same way again!"
Please contact Mother's House Publishing for further information.

Project Life!

I'm quite excited about this! Project Life is a growing expose of photos celebrating Life and Human Dignity.

Contribute your photos!
They will join the growing slide show, and help send a positive message of the importance of life and of human dignity. View and join the Flickr group here and upload your photos!

Or simply simply email them to our trusty intern.
(put "Project Life" in the subject to ensure the spam filter doesn't get it!) 

Share the Growing Slideshow on your Website!
Get the slideshow code here (in any size you want!). Then paste this html code and you'll automatically show an ongoing, evoloving, growing slide show celebrating life! (Yes, I moderate pictures to prevent inappropriate ones from being posted.) 

The full description:
A growing celebration of life slideshow revealing what it means to be human and uphold human dignity. We would love to have your photo (or a few!) showing life and human dignity! Join our group and add your voice -- 1000 words at a time!

What is human dignity?
The priceless gift given all people: that we are each made in God's image and we each have a unique aspect of God to reveal to the world. Because of this gift, we each have certain unalienable rights, among which are:

which begins at conception and is never ours to take

the freedom for every person to become the fulness of who God created them to be

Pursuit of Happiness
which can only be found through Jesus our Christ, our beloved creator.

Friday, October 3, 2008

weCatholic Partner Bazaar

We want to team up with other strongly Catholic creative folks to rejuvenate and revolutionize Catholic products. Jesus our Christ challenges us to "feed my sheep" and together we strive to respond to that call.

Just what is weCatholic Partner Bazaar? It is a pool of Catholic creatives who propose products that will bear the weCatholic name and who collaborate to create them and bring them to the world market, sharing ownership of the product and the profits it produces.

Here's how it works (click on picture for full size):  

Who can join? Anyone with a skill that can help create a product, from the idea through to marketing. This includes artists, writers, theologians, specialists in llayout, design, publishing, product creation, and more. Not sure? write us to see!

The beauty of this is there are thousands of faithful people with amazing skills who want to express their faith and help other's on our faith journey. Creating amazing Catholic products is a tremendous way to do exactly that while sharing in the joys, challenges, and profits of ownership.  

Interested? The application process is quite simple.
  1. Read our Common Sense Legal Agreement. If you agree to it, then...
  2. Email Deacon Patrick (lamontglen [a t} mac {d ot] com) with:
  • your full name, address, cell, day and evening phone, and email
  • a brief (1,000 words or less) response to this question: Describe your own journey on the road to Emmaus, including who you have and currently identify with and why
  • state that you agree to our common sense legal agreement and that submitting your email is your assent to that agreement
  • make the subject of your email "Partner Bazaar Application of (your name)." 
  • include the name and recommendation from a current member who referred you to us, if you have that (not a requirement). 
I look forward to meeting you and working together to revolutionize Catholic products!

Common Sense Legal Agreement

By applying to join weCatholic Partner Bazaar you agree to the following, which is binding should you be accepted into weCatholic Partner Bazaar:

Common sense, plain language legal agreement:
From now (the date of my email application) forward I agree that should I be accepted into weCatholic's Partner Bazaar:

-- I understand that weCatholic will help shape and prepare any products for market, but that if I am the idea originator that I retain ownership of that idea. I understand that, among other things, weCatholic uses the theology found in "The Best Good Life" by Patrick A. Jones to evaluate potential product ideas.

-- I understand that weCatholic's ownership in any product to which it gives it's brand name is 10%-20% based on our negotiations, and that to bring an idea to a finalized, distributed product I will need to find creative partners to share in ownership and creation of that product.

-- I will not share information about products or ideas that we communicate by any means with anyone outside this group. Spouses are considered bound by this agreement and included in it, so we are each free to talk with our Beloved.

-- I agree that the seed idea and it's ownership belongs with the person who originally approaches me with it and that any contributions I make to their concept are given freely.

-- I agree to strive to uphold the human dignity of every person in this group in every interaction, placing theirs above my own should dispute occur.

-- By breaking this agreement there are legal ramifications, but also serious soul damaging consequences of having violated the trust other members of Christ's body have placed in me.

-- By sharing ownership with weCatholic and other partners of any particular product of which I am the idea originator, I do not give up or share the ownership of my idea, but rather ownership in the finished product.

-- In any and all disagreements, I will abide by Matthew 18:15-20 in any and all disagreements.

-- It is my and my partner's responsibility to create the legal partnership that defines the roles and responsibilities of our involvement and the percentage of our various ownership. weCatholic is working to create a general contract for this purpose.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bumper Stickers to Stir up Faith

They are coming soon to a rubber or chrome bumper in your garage. Sure to be the latest rage in Catholic accoutrement, these pithy bumper stickers are a tremendous way to evangelize. Here's a preview... (And keep your eye peeled here -- or just follow us via RSS feed, as more are on the way, along with where you can order them and even some of the theology behind them).

Have a sticker you'd like to see in our lineup? Leave it in the comments section and we'll consider it!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Husband, Father, Deacon, Man: New Personal Blog

I've decided to launch a new blog -- a personal one where I can explore the various roles and responsibilities common to many people, and particularly to men. This blog/site will continue as the web presence of Faith Incarnate, which as yet is a glimmer in my eye but with numerous exciting things on the horizon.

Please see the new blog here (and don't forget to add it to your RSS if you'd like to follow it):


Thursday, June 12, 2008

All is Gift

All is Gift
Things didn't go as I'd hoped. Turned out (as it so often does) there
is blessing in it not being my plan but God's - even if it takes gale
force winds and sand/dirt storms to get me to lift my stubborn head
and abandon what I thought I was supposed to be doing.
I triked half of the way to Chimayo. That's how life is with
disability. I am did-able to do certain things and it takes the love
and sacrifice of others, particularly my Beloved, to help me
accomplish what we agree to accomplish together.
We drove the last half together.
God is our wild, uncontrolable, unknowable, passionate creator who is
foolish enough to love his creation.. Thank God! Anything less
wouldn't be God.
Chimayo. Beautiful. Timeless. Tranquel. Rugged. Lush Eden in a jagged,
rocky, desert. Soul food. Pilgrimage's end. Journeys beginning. The
road along the way. Faith incarnate in mud, straw and ash. All is gift.

It's all good, but is it the best good?